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Lindley's Kennel

home of Maurice Lindley - Bird Dog Trainer
30 years experience and a excellent reputation training gun-dogs and field trial dogs.

Lindley's Kennel
3332 W. Georgia Rd.
Piedmont, SC 29673
864-243-3583 (kennel)

A complete Bird Dog training facility.

Professionally Training Pointing Dogs for 30 years.

A Program that produces a completely finished dog.

Producing Dogs that handle with a minimum amount of effort from the handler.

Training Dogs to be steady to wing and shot, and to the fall of the bird.

Training Dogs that honor a bracemate's point on sight.

Humane training method for force breaking.

The Lindley training program is not a hurry up and hunt program, or a quick fix. It takes time to produce a complete dog, and a dog that you are proud of. Training takes from 4 to 6 months depending on the dog.
Problem dogs are welcomed:

Gun shy, Blinking birds, Laying down on point. Dogs that have been abused in previous training can be rehabilitated in most cases.

Patience and Skill are always used to train your bird dog.

We invest the time it takes to train your dog the way you want it trained.

Whether it's to be just a started dog or fully broke, the job will be well done.

"I work six days a week to ensure your dog maximum, one on one, training time. I maintain high standards when training all dogs - personal hunting dogs or field trial competition dogs - all are trained to exacting standards using the same humane training methods."

- Maurice Lindley

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B I R D    D O G    N E W S

Presenting two upcoming greats
Owned by Vic Williams & Joy Roberts
Training for Field Trialing
5 years later - Champion of the New England
Shooting Dog Championship

Rumor - Brittany
Owned by Trent Smith
Training for Hunting
At 6 months in puppy training

FC/AFC, Sunshines Sey Hey Kid

Hi Mo,

Good news, Sunshines Sey Hey Kid, we know him as Mike, finished his amateur field championship.  He gave a great performance with 6 outstanding finds.  Judges commented about his great style on birds.

Due to his outstanding breeding and your excellent training, Mike will be a dog in the winner's circle for years to come.  Thanks so much for the work you did with Mike!

Ken Mercer

Maurice Lindley Seminar 2012 Virginia

Maurice Lindley Seminar 2012

Training With Mo
a book by Martha Greenlee about bird dog training with Maurice Lindley

Training With Mo This book focuses on how to best train pointing dogs and how to do it with compassion. This book captures the West Method of training as applied and refined by Maurice. Those of you who know Maurice are his friend - no exceptions. His calm and quiet training style has helped to create many field champions and hunting companions. To watch him train is to watch a master of his craft.

Vic Williams (Your Lindley Kennel Webmaster) is the photographer for the book!