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Lindley Kennel
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From: NidaB...
Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2010 7:25 AM
To: Maurice Lindley
Cc: Martha Greenlee
Subject: Sammy and Nida Giddens

Hi Maurice,
Hope your family and you are doing well. Called you a couple of weeks ago - hope you got the message I left.
Harold Ray watched me train dogs using some of your methods and the training collar earlier in the spring. I gave him an extra collar I had. The next week his son Doug asked me to order him 2 collars. Two weeks later, another friend of Harold's called me and asked me where did I get those collars - of course I got them thru Martha Greenlee.
I also ordered the 2 books, Training With Moe, - I kept one and gave one to Harold Ray.  I think it is very well written explaining training step by step. Talked with Harold. He said he really enjoyed the book and hopes to meet you one day. He has been very enthusiastic about this new training method. Said he has derby dogs he has been working for Doug to take to the Dakotas and that they are months ahead in training than the dogs usually are.
Purina was at his plantation last week to do a follow up to an article they did in Today's Breeder magazine on him and his training of his dog,Desinaire, 20 years ago and how his training now is different from then. He told them how he has discovered thru me your training  methods  and the book, Training With Moe ,and how impressed he is with the training methods and how Martha had explained it in the book.
If you would like, you are welcome to mention any of this on your message board. 
Hope you have a great summer. Would like to see you soon.
Sammy and Nida

Harold Ray is arguably the most successful setter trainer in history. He holds a spot in the Pointer and Setter Hall of Fame and was inducted the first year that he was eligible. Harold Ray has had 80 Champions, 67 Runner-ups, 21 Futurity winners, 55 Futurity placements and has won a championship every year since 1969.