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From the Pointing Dogs Yahoo Group and other on-line sources Maurice answers questions about bird dog training along with other professional trainers and amateur trainers. Theses are just some of those posts excerpted and annotated.



Hunting Dogs, Field Trial Dogs, and Brittanys

Edited By
Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb

An anthology of stories about hunting dogs, field trial dogs, and Brittanys written by John Taintor Foote, Havilah Babcock, Ray Holland, Charles Waterman, Tom Word, and others dating from the early 1930's to 2005. Hardcover and 158 pages, please order this book from Glade Run Press.
$26, which includes shipping.
THE BRITTANY: Amateurs Training with Professionals
Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb

This book will enable amateur pointing dog trainers to train hunting dogs that they will be proud of and field trial dogs that will win. Please order this book from Glade Run Press.
$22.00, which includes shipping.


A Field Manual
Maurice Lindley with John Rogers

This book explains how Maurice starts young dogs and teaches steady-to-wing-and-shot using carded pigeons. The manual is available from John Rogers at jlrogers@bright.net or 740-363-6317.
Email John for a list of additional articles he has written.


Teaching Labs to Point
By Bill West

Ar favorite. Don’t be put off by the word “labs.” This DVD is about the hows and whys dogs point and is available at www.davewalkerdogs.com.


(These articles first appeared in Field Trial Magazine or the American Brittany Magazine).

Nine Articles
(developed from THE BRITTANY: Amateurs Training with Professionals)

Calm Dogs, Calm Trainer:
An Interview with Maurice Lindley.

By Martha H. Greenlee

Japanese Tea Bowls and Bird Dogs

By Martha H. Greenlee

Pre-Releasing Quail with Dick Keenan

By Martha H. Greenlee and David A. Webb

Scent: A Discussion of Game Birds and Bird Dogs

By Martha H. Greenlee

Starting Puppies:
An Interview with Maurice Lindley

By Martha H. Greenlee

Understanding Field Trial Rules

By Martha H. Greenlee




Piney Run Kennel
Web Site of well known author, and avid bird dog enthusiast Martha Greenlee. Many photos of training and training aids are included.
Higgins Gundogs
Web Site of Brad Higgins, professional bird dog trainer. Brad has a feature rich site with some excellent information as well as training aids including the Higgins Remote Releaser. Some very nice video is available.
Dog Politics
A page from the Georgia Brittany Club Web Site (Vic Williams - Webmaster) listing some links concerning us as dog owners and politics. As much as we don't think about politics and our dogs having anything in common, there are those out there that are working to take away your rights as dog owners, handlers, trialers and trainers.
The American Kennel Club Web Site.
The American Field
The American Field Sportsman Journal
Gundog Supply
A good place to shop for birddog supplies.
Lion Country Supply
Another good place to shop for birddog supplies